Malaysia has been the leading country in the halal food industry for nine years running and was named number one in the Global Islamic Economy Index. The overall value of halal exports in 2022 was RM 59.46 billion, representing 7.4% of the GDP of the nation. It is projected that the Malaysian Halal Food Industry will have grown to US$ 113.2 billion (RM500.17 billion), adding 8.1% to the country's GDP.

The Malaysia Government is expecting its global halal industry's export to surpass the target of RM63.1 billion by 2025. With this growth, it is expected to create 700,000 job opportunities in Halal Industry.

To support this growth, more comprehensive human capital and a competent workforce are needed to ensure the halal supply chain and the integrity of halal products is always guaranteed.

Along with this development, Kolej Profesional Baitulmal Kuala Lumpur (KPBKL) has been recognized as one of the Halal Training Providers (PLH) registered under the Halal Professional Board (HPB), Department of Islamic Development Malaysia or locally known as Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) since 2018.

We are offering two courses that utilize the modules from JAKIM which are:

1.   Halal Executive and;
2.   Halal Internal Auditor

Besides these two courses, we also offer other short-courses in Halal industry management like Halal Competency, Halal Awareness, Halal Certification Procedure, and Halal Assurance System.

The modules in Professional Halal Executive Training Program (PHETP)

CO1 : Halal Manual Records and Administration

CO2 : Internal Halal Committee

CO3 : Halal Quality Assurance

CO4 : Halal Certification Process Administration

CO5 : Halal Internal Audit Facilitation

Who should join these courses?

If you are looking to get your business certified with Halal by JAKIM, you should get started with the
appointment of Halal Executive to be the person-in-charge in ensuring the business complies with
halal procedures and processes.

1. Muslim;
2. Malaysia citizen;
3. Permanent staff in the company;
4. Minimum academic qualification Diploma in Halal Management or any equivalent qualification or experience in halal management for at least five (5) years; and
5. Possess a Halal Executive Certificate from a Halal Training Provider registered under HPB JAKIM

If the person-in-charge does not possess the Halal Executive Certificate, he or she should join this course.

The halal certification is not limited to foods and beverages related industries, it is also applicable to pharmaceutical, consumer goods products, cosmetic & personal cares, slaughter house, logistics,
medical devices and any business related to the processing and services which target the Muslims as consumer and customer.

Session 1 – February 2024
26-February-2024 through 08-March-2024

Session 2 – May 2023
09-May-2024 through 17-May-2024

Session 3 – July 2023
15-July-2024 through 26-July-2024

PHETP is a 9 ½-days program that will train the participants to become a competent Halal Executive. This course is also a HRD Corp Claimable Courses. Please refer to for further information on the allowable cost matrix for other expenses.


Public: RM2, 900.00 per participant
Alumni: RM1, 900.00 per participant

The fee includes learning modules, Halal Executive Certificate from Halal Professional Board JAKIM and meals during the training.

Contact us for further information or to register by clicking this link